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DE Victoria's Secret

Fragrance Mist



um R$40,000 tres R$110,00 seis R$200,00 10 por R$300,00

Experience the luxury of fragrance. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a sexy touch of scent. Domestic. 8.4 oz.

Be Seduced - Available
Prepare to Be Seduced by the provocative richness of raspberry crème and sultry musk

Pure Seduction - Available
Entice in Pure Seduction®, a passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia.

Love Spell - Available
Hypnotize in Love Spell®, a vibrant, irresistible blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach.

Amber Romance - Available
Ignite an Amber Romance®, a sensual embrace of sultry amber and crème anglaise.

Sheer Love - Sold
Fall in Sheer Love™, bright and cheerful with fresh white cotton and luminous pink lily.

Secret Charm - Available
Enchant in Secret Charm®, a bright bouquet of fresh honeysuckle captivated by soft jasmine.

Lost in Fantasy - Available
Make a sexy escape with Lost in Fantasy™, a private oasis of Brazilian orchid and mouthwatering kiwi.

Ravishing Love - Sold
Dare to resist Ravishing Love™, luscious with blackberry and the sweet allure of lilac.

Coconut Passion - Available
Seduce with Coconut Passion®, a rendezvous of rich vanilla and warm coconut.

Wild Scarlet - Available
Tempt in Wild Scarlet™, a bite of juicy apple with a naughty kiss of lily.

Vanilla Lace - Available
Feel sensual in Vanilla Lace®, a seductive veil of warm vanilla and sultry musk.

Endless Love - Available
Believe in Endless Love®, romantic with bright apple blossom and ylang ylang.

Pear Glace - Available
Give in to the temptation of Pear Glacé®, a delectable mélange of sugared pear and luscious casaba melon.

Strawberries & Champagne - Available
Indulge in Strawberries & Champagne, a splash of flirtation with wild strawberries and sparkling champagne.

Mango Temptation - Available
Tease in Mango Temptation™, an exotic kiss of mango nectar and sexy hibiscus.

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